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A personal address from our proprietor Cosmo Guffa:

I’m pleased to announce the launch of The Playful Geometer’s new website which is a now a feature rich online store (in the making).   With the shopping cart software its easy to check out and order your choice of shapes and flavours, buy gift certificates, and make wishlists.  It was a tough decision turn my website towards the commercially-orientation as I had originally wanted to keep the store separate from the galleries and other content I hope to develop.  However, the old page was degrading quickly and for the sake of making this operation more sustainable, I felt the need to establish the store as the focus so that the artistic and scientific developments have something stable to build upon.

One of the major changes to the line of 3D models we carry is that they are now “SpaceCrafts Without Borders” meaning that the black borders have all been removed.  I really like the aesthetic of the fractals wrapping around the shapes, as there is more of a kaleidoscopic effect at play, a more organic weaving of form and colour.  Originally the borders had existed to hide the unsightly shadow formed by the tabs which hold the panels into pyramids.  However, our new versions of the SpaceCrafts do not incur this eyesore any more due do design changes I’ll address later on.

Admittedly, the actual form of the shapes are a bit harder to make out from the virtual preview images as I have not figured out how to do shading well in the 3D software I use but hopefully that will come in due time.  In the meanwhile, you can check out all of the models on Flickr if you like by clicking on the photos below.

Here is a sample of each form along with the new description I’ve written for each:

Star Tetrahedron

This form represents balance between opposites, namely the upward-rising fire essence and the downward-flowing water essence.  These opposites meet in the heart, and thus this form may be seen to represent compassion or loving kindness.

Small Stellated Dodecahedron
Effulgent Effluvium

Twelve 5-pointed stars constellate to make this beautiful form, one of the 3 stellations of a dodecahedron.  Its shape is calmly radiant, as its pyramids find a balance between sharpness and softness.  Fits nicely into knooks and corners, and also great hung over bars, counters or islands.

Great Rhombihexacron
Genetic Hologram

This particular form suggests the compass rose, the north star and thus guidance, direction, and centeredness.  Due to its particular symmetry, it is best displayed from the front as shown.  A great shape to keep your vessel on course !


Great Stellated Dodecahedron 

One of our “sharper” models, thus suggesting keenness of intellect.  Its many long points make it a center of high energy.  The points are 20 in number, which is a fundamental base number in the calendrics of the Maya peoples.  Reaching with every finger and toe to one’s brightest potential is what this fine model is all about !


 Earth Grid Dome
Crystal Palace Journey

This form derives its name from the fact that when superimposed on the earth’s surface, it composes what many theorists consider to be the “earth grid” also dubbed the Unified Vector Geometry 120 Polyhedron.  We first discovered this form by hearing about Lynclaire Dennis’ near death experience and the geometric reconstructions of her vision.  It bears the interesting property that all 5 platonic solids and the Rhombic Tricontahedron can be composed using its vertices, thus suggesting its power of integration.  An excellent model for fostering global consciousness.  

I have totally reworked the method by which the Spacecrafts are made to accommodate several factors since moving to Toronto.  First of all, the amazing deal I was getting on 12″x18″ prints for $0.60 each in Peterborough can not be matched here in the big city, the best quotes I got here were around $2 per print.

On the brighter side, the store that my new production facility is located inside of,  Alternative Thinking, recently decided to invest in a high quality wide-format printer to enable us to print and sell visionary artwork as well as make higher-quality SpaceCrafts.  I definitely owe huge waves of gratitude to the owner of this shop Rezo, for he’s the one who really inspired me to make my product accessible to the retail market when he asked me to decorate his store last November.  Things have evolved quite a bit since then, and now the shop is quite saturated with our geometries !

On top of the incredible generosity I’ve experienced from Rezo and others at the shop, I’ve also been ushered into the store’s “Gift Economy” whereby the store shares its space for workshops, film screenings, healing ceremonies, discussions and other special events that harmonize with the store’s intentions.  The space is available for event hosts as long as the events themselves are non-commercial in nature.  It’s all about Free information, a kind of open source learning concept.  I have been hosting Sacred Geometry Explorations there bi-weekly on Thursdays (restarting again in 2013).

My first use of the new printer was to produce some smaller ornamental SpaceCrafts for the  holiday retail season, something people could take away and gift without having to engage in construction (as it seems not everyone enjoys the handicraft action).  Here is a sample photo, click to see the whole gallery on Facebook.


More recently I’ve redesigned the lantern product sto use the backlight material with stunning results, a display of them now hangs in the front window of Alternative Thinking .  Here are some sample photos of the new printer/media in 3D

Star Tetrahedron: Golden Kingdom (quality:pro)
Great Stellated Dodecahedron: Cosmic Birthday Cake (quality:pro)

I got the honour of developing some content to get things rolling with our new printer, and I started with the kaleidoscopic Fractal Mandalas.  We’ve covered up most of the (full-spectrum) overhead fluorescent lighting so you can see them in their fullest glory.  Here’s one sample (as with the other photos, click to see more of the same kind on Flickr).

Cosmic Birthday Cake

We’re selling 2×2′ prints of these guys on backlight material at the store for $30 or 2 for $50 or 4 for $80 !

Local VJ artist Scott Guy has been prototyping an affordable light box solution as the costs of any lightbox on the market seems to prohibitive to getting backlit poster prints available in store.

Wow, everything is so new with The Playful Geometer, and everything seems to be accelerating !  The efforts to make shifts in the operations of The Playful geometer have been intense and have brought out the sense of strength (and exhaustion) in dedication to this craft of perfection. Despite having worked so hard to transition my product and web page in time for the holiday season, admittedly the mark was missed.  A sincere apology goes out to all who were not able to acquire a uniquely radiant gift from us this season.

However, gift certificates are still available for the extra-last-minute shoppers on our website.  You can also acquire The Playful Geometer’s Cosmic SpaceCrafts at Alternative Thinking during the last-minute shopping holiday hours.  We’re clearing out the laminated paper lanterns at 25% off !

Retirement is imminent after over-extension.  Immediate and extended family  not gathering for Christmas thus giving opportunity for silent retreat  (web store ordered are delayed to the new year starting December 25th).  I am reminded that if I am to be a beacon of light to the world, I need more than just shiny things, I need to make my being internally radiant.

A piece of visualization I have incorporated into meditation is to see healing light streaming through 3D forms and showering all with the wisdom and compassion that are the pillars of a happy life. This meditation is inspired by the meditation on Dzambala in Vajrayana Buddhism where you are being showered or are showering others with an array of jewels from the mouth of a mongoose, the tamer of the snakes of mara representing desire.  Dzambala is said to bestow wealth upon the practitioner of Dharma (wisdom teachings) to support their benefit to others, thus he is considered a worldly protector of Dharma. It seems that he limits his bestowing in this way because offering worldly possessions to those who are caught in the cycles of greed, hatred and delusion might only create more suffering.

I don’t limit the reach of the geometries in such a way as they are much more universal symbols, I prefer to see the forms as more of a wildcard (interestingly a * is a wildcard in computers, a star-like symbol).   It seems that the polyhedra featured in the Cosmic SpaceCrafts are a kind of receiver/transmitter of energy as their component parts are pyramids  (I base this claim on the extensive research done with pyramid forms and their effect upon consciousness and life force energy).   I will let the intelligence of the Grand Geometrician of the Universe decide what is of greatest benefit to all sentient beings as they are prayed for (in part through these forms).

It seems that the rumbling chaos that has been experienced with operating The Playful Geometer in a microcosm for the planetary shake-up we are moving through.  I am reminded that the alchemical process, like the formation of diamonds, requires heat and pressure.  In these trying times, I pray for the grace to make a healthy transition into a new cycle which is suggested by the Mayan Calendar cycle end/beginning that many suggest was yesterday, December 21st, 2012.  Wishing (upon a star) a transformative turning point to the personal and collective consciousness of the planet  !