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Yes, you heard it right, we’re making it especially easy for you to colorfully burst forth into spring with your very own Cosmic SpaceCraft Lantern just like the flowers that now dot the soil, emerging from the icey shell of winter.

Our Spring Sale: 10% off all orders of $50 or more and Free Shipping in North America until April 30th for all of The Playful Geometer’s Cosmic SpaceCrafts !

Earth Grid Dome: Lucious Dragonfruit

The incredibly enthusiastic response to these fractal-decorated 3D forms has inspired us to evolve them from a delicate, makeshift handicraft to a durable and easy-to-assemble product.  We’ve just put together some new instructions that make us confident that you can enjoy the process of their creation as much as the product itself.

We’re currently in the process of building an online store to help spread the love of geometric lighting and we need the support of our fan base to bring the thousands of hours invested in the research and development of our product to the masses.

Great Rhombihexacron: Elf Moss Splendaria

Though supporting sole proprietor Cosmo Guffa’s livelihood and the basic costs of the operation is currently the most immediate goal for us, there is a greater motivation for the creation of a thriving business.  We hope to dedicate some of the proceeds of the operation to organizations which harmonize with our mission.  These include the more practically oriented support for the Open Source software projects like Inkscape, Blender, and The Gimp which make our methods possible.  It also includes financially supporting the ideals of The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors “A sanctuary for seeing ourselves and the world as reflections of the divine” (and we’ve already donated 4 lanterns featured in the Grey House where CoSM events are regularly held).

We also want to donate the value of our designs to the artistic community by openly publishing our templates under a Creative Commons Attributions-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license and creating a do-it-yourself SpaceCraft Kit that would allow users to produce their own versions of the Cosmic SpaceCrafts featuring their own custom designs with easy-to-follow instructions on

If you would like to support these intentions, and/or you would simply like some beautiful mood lighting for your home or as a gift, please visit the Models section of our website, take note of the Model and “flavor” name(s) you would like, and send it with your mailing address to 

We accept payment through eCheque or Credit Card via Paypal invoice.  We’ve taken some new, higher-quality photos of our updated product which you can see in the Products section. Springs move fast, so best leap like a rabbit on this deal while you’ve got the time !  

Wishing fruitful re-emergence into the light for all sentient beings,