One comment on “Bear’s Lair Challenge: too dark for a Lightworker ?

  1. Interesting read! Thank you for sharing your experiences with the ‘Bears’. I’ve been contemplating also about how to turn Sacred Geometry into business, or at least so that I could make some living out of it.

    I guess most of the world doesn’t still understand cosmical connection of Sacred Geometry, but I guess it works more on a subconscious level, so I would just focus on the pretty pictures and good solid products, this is what I’ve been thinking. Maybe explain more about the connection somewhere else, but not make it the primary point. What do you think ?

    There is so much more into Sacred Geometry than the eye can see, and I am glad to see you pushing towards this into our culture and global consciousness through art. I have a feeling this understanding will have a big part in our future ! :)

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