4 comments on “Reverse Engineering Biogeometry Tools in the Interests of Humanity

  1. I really enjoyed this post – what a fascinating read!

    Your dedication to serve humanity is commendable – the world will be a much better place when more and more people start to ‘get with the program’ and stop their selfish pursuit of money.

    I have a feeling your tuition for the Biogeometry Fundamentals course will be manifested in time :-)

  2. thanks for the info i have started doing a little reseach into this and bio signatures .I have made a few of the ones posted online with copper wire and seen some benefits. I was wondering if you know anything about the rest of the signatures that are only assigned a number in the patent?

  3. It turns, it moves : How to build a Lecher Antenna
    renaud91.free.fr/Radiesthesie/en/construireUneAntenneLecher.htmlThe construction of a lecher antenna is not a very difficult exercise, however it requires a minimum of equipment, as well as a little address with your hands.

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