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Greetings, a personal address from Cosmo Guffa tuning in on behalf of The Playful Geometer.

I must say, I never quite understood my intense fascination and passion for geometry in the early stages of becoming a SpaceCraft Engineer, my pursuits seemed in a way free of purpose.  However, as I began to really become dedicated to my pursuits, I had this sneaking suspicion that I was doing more than just making pretty things, or at least that my work might be a preparation for the fulfillment of some loftier purpose.  Well, I’m starting to discover that my intuitions may be correct.

I say this because in my research I have come to see that geometric patterns are in a way, truly, verifiability magical.  Their use is becoming a kind of technology that has profound potential to help bring humanity back into harmony with the laws from which all things are spun.

On simple example of this is Craig Brockie’s development of what he calls the FreeShield, an image based on the flower of life and filled with a mysterious arrangement of rainbow colours which when placed behind the battery of a cell phone, reduces the negative impacts of its use.  What impresses me even more than the thorough research that went into this product is that it was developed purely to serve the interests of humanity and not for financial gain, a rare gem in this sense.  As we are encouraged to “pay it forward”, here’s his little un-commercial:

Another field of inquiry into the effects of geometric shapes on life force energy is a more holistic view and practice called Biogeometry.  It could be described as an Egyptian form of Feng Shui, but its applications reach into other fields including architecture and design, medicine, agriculture.  Some of the impressive results that founder Ibrahim Karim has been able to achieve through the use of 2D and 3D geometric symbols, include first the keynote story best described in this video:

Some other achievements of the application of Biogeometry methods include:

  • growing sweet potatoes in salt water better than in tap water by passing the salinated water through specific geometric vessels
  • increasing the growth and quality of chickens
  • obtained better results treating Hepatitis C patients than pharmaceutical drugs
  • reduced environmental stress of aircraft pilots 

Unfortunately I’m not convinced that Biogeometry’s modes of dissemination of this knowledge is as service-oriented as my previous example of geometric technology.  In particular, they charge an exorbitant amount of money for their courses and tools and prevent anyone without them from employing Biogeometry principles… well, they prevent MOST people from using them, I should say.

However, I’ve recently become what you might call a Biogeometric Hacker, and have managed to reverse engineer some of Karim’s designs.  On of the tools of the trade used in Biogeometry are called L-Bracket stickers, which when placed on AC outlets help to harmonize and reduce the negative effects of the EMF fields radianting out of them.  The Vessica Institute sells 2 types of them, 5 pairs each for $16, which I suppose is not that expensive, but to be honest, I’m not all that abundant in money.  Ingenuity and time to tinker are more my wealth, so I decided to see if I could produce a perfect vector image of the shapes, and did so using the geometric proportions as seen here (click to see vector source file) :

I wasn’t sure if this was how they derived the shape, but it was as close as I could gather using their very low-resolution images of the stickers so I cut a bunch out onto adhesive vinyl using my CraftRobo Pro and started offering a free service of placing the stickers on people’s cell phones.  However, I realized that I was potentially in breach of intellectual property and I wanted to be respectful to Karim’s work so I stopped doing that shortly after.

However, recently I came across a pile of the stickers I had created and thought, “I’m sitting on a Biogeometric goldmine here, I gotta do something about this” so I sent the Biogeometry a concerned email as follows:


You suggest this email is to only be used for purchase orders on your “Contact Us” page, however, you do not provide any other means by which to address BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd. by email so I don’t have much of a choice.  I contact you with the intention to participate in the dissemination of BioGeometry techniques for the betterment of humanity.

Using nothing more than the angle measurement and a low-resolution picture of the image, I was able to reproduce the 66 and 90 degree L-stickers shape using the golden mean ratio.  The attached image shows how the phi proportion was used to determine the various measurements of the 66 degree L-sticker. 

Does this diagram accurately represents the figure you have used for your research ?  If not, would you be willing to share how it differs in measurement.

Using a laminated paper sticker printed with the angle images, I was able to cut the stickers out by hand and I put some of them on my computer monitor.  Later on I acquired an adhesive vinyl cutting machine, the CraftRobo Pro which I used to produce an abundance of these stickers very cheaply.  I then began to freely disseminate these stickers to my room mates for use on our cell phones and AC plugs. 

However, I realized that BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd. seemed to be keeping a pretty tight lid on their intellectual property, and perhaps for good reasons I thought.  I started to wonder if I was promoting improper use of this technology, and developed a certain degree of skepticism about what I was promoting, not having any way of measuring the qualitative effects of their use.  However, if anyone can just purchase these stickers like from, then its clear that advanced knowledge of BioGeometry is not required to properly used these shapes and my skepticism is to a certain degree is quelled by your success stories. 

That leave me in a position of wanting your blessings to use the L-sticker designs as I have reverse engineered.  I want to provide this product at cost of materials and labour (probably about $2 US for 5 pairs) to all of the customers for my new online store for The Playful Geometer’s Cosmic SpaceCrafts (

) and to empower others to produce them using home cutting devices (i.e. the Cricut, wishblade) as I have done with one of my polyhedral models on  

I believe that in order to avert planetary catastrophe, we can not afford to hoard this technology, but that it must be distributed far and wide using the power of our communications technology to reflect nature’s abundance of transformational forms.  Although it may seem to compromise the profit of your organization, it actually might be a form of free marketing for you and your practice.  This is a key to embracing the new digital economy and the Open Source revolution.  I would hate to see your practice recede into obscurity amongst all of the other competing energy technologies because of your refusal to “get with the times”.

The concern is personal, as I am sincerely considering taking your foundations course, which I recently noticed was coming to Toronto (close to my home in Peterborough, ON).  One motivation for this would be to use the techniques of BioGeoemtry to study the effects of polyhedral forms that I produce as lantern shades on my website.  I think that could open up a whole new field of exciting research that could contribute greatly to your field.

The knowledge you possess is seemingly quite amazing, but how you are managing it is is concerning.  For example, the way you represent your certified practitioners on your website is rather deplorable.  First of all, the link to this page is hidden off to the side of the home page, with no link in the main bar.  I was struggling to find it a second time to reference the URL (  The actual page is a garbled mess especially after clicking on the “read more” section.  This is not a great selling feature for your courses, especially considering their cost.  More generally, the only communication by email you are welcoming is for your own profit, not for the “Future of Mankind” which is my concern here.

If you do want to “sell me” on your course and technology, could you provide me with a simple instructions for me to verify the positive effects of using L-stickers on AC outlets, i.e. something that could be done with an ordinary pendant, or at least describe specifically how you came up with your positive results ?

In Rupert Sheldrake’s research which Karim references, he provided reproducible experiments to verify his research (i.e.  Perhaps this is something you might consider doing with BioGeometry to give tangible validity to your “claims” for lack of a better word. 

I hope that I can become in some way part of a revival of ancient geometric alchemy in harmony with your organization.



Unfortunately, this message sent of February 12th has not yet received a response, even with an (implicit) threat of using and publishing their designs without consent, so I take it as encouragement to continue liberating these forms. 

I’ve been particularly interested in Biogeometry and its implications to the works of The Playful Geometer.  I can only wonder, could polyhedral forms have a profound (and measureable) effect on the vibratory fields in a home and/or a human body ?  As much as I can hack designs here and there, I really wanted access to their methods of research.  So, I’ve been considering it might be a good investment to take the Biogeometry Fundamentals course that’s coming to Toronto this May, but at $995 for a week’s training, its no petty cash .  I wanted to remain open to possibility of manifesting attendance so I contacted the Toronto Dowsers 5 days ago expressing interest in joining their membership and attending the workshop.  I thought, “hey, maybe I can volunteer for a discount and/or get a scholarship or something like that”, but unfortunately they have not responded to me either.  Perhaps more fodder for the cannon in fighting the proprietization of ancient occult knowledge….

I realized that while the stickers I had would help harmonize negative energy, its the scepters as shown here that bring in the positive energy and that also can be used to detect energy so if I wanted to trod blindly ahead in this Biogeometry affair, I’d have to get some of those.  Well, unfortunately you can only buy limited edition metal ones that cost $95 for a 5cm pendant.  Sounded like another opportunity for reverse engineering !

I realized that I could create a curve outline in Inkscape and then “lathe” it in Blender.  This time no fancy ratios, I just used the distance between the discs and the unit and each spacing vertically and horizontally seemed to measure out in that unit.  You can see the result here:

Ok, so woop-dee-doo, I have the pendulum model in my computer, seems relatively useless, eh ?  Enter PONOKO !  I had previously tried to use this service to create laser-etched cardboard Crop Circle coasters but the cost was going to be $250 for 4 sets of 6 so I had little hope it was going to be any more affordable to do 3D printing.  However, as it turns out, this service will print a 5cm pendant for… get this…. ONE DOLLAR !  But of course, with shipping, if I buy 5 of them it comes to more like $5, as yes its plastic and not metal but still a vast improvement on price.  Also, I recall that Ibrahim Karim uses plexiglass pendants which suggests that its the form and not the material that is the most important aspect of this craft.  The nice thing about this service is that I could now publish the design and allow others to order 3D prints of it without having to deal with producing or shipping them.    However, I won’t do that until I get my own copies for inspection.  And if I do, its only fair that I not charge royalties for my long evening of reverse engineering considering I didn’t actually design it so I will offer the design freely.  I can only wonder if I will get a reaction from the Biogeometry folks on this one. 

EDIT: It appears I uploaded a paper-thin enclosure of the shape rather than a solid form which explains the cheapness.  It’s unlikely such a model would hold up well but now I can scrap the idea presented below and produce casts that I could fill with orgonite.

One thought I had was that I might be able to create a mold for the pendant once I get it and then reproduce them using orgonite, which is a resin impregnated with metal bits — often with metal filings — but as the inventor suggest, these are relatively useless when compared with resin impregnated with metal powder.  He describes this in his video as follows.  Its interesting to note that he did not patent his invention because he was concerned that he might be forced to sell it to someone who would then shelve it for the purposes of suppressing this technology.  This may sound a bit paranoid, but there is precedent for his concern, as this has been happening with many of the “free energy” technologies that have been emerging since the time of Tesla.


My next endeavour in 3D modeling will be to construct the plastic pieces to produce an affordable Letcher antenna prototype, a more advanced version of a dowsing rod that can pick up different frequencies.  One can be seen here in this video on the stunning geometrical relationships between the earth’s energy grids and the Antwerp Cathedral:

If you appreciate my efforts to make these technologies more accessible and you want to support my ongoing research and development in this field, please have a look at The Playful Geometer’s Cosmic SpaceCrafts website and consider ordering one of our lanterns as instructed. I am currently working on a new webstore using the Avactis web cart software to make your shopping experience more pleasant, but in the mean time please bear with the homebrew flavour of our service.

In service to the creation of a cosmic internet,