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The Playful Geometer’s Cosmic SpaceCrafts now make great gifts for the holiday season with our shiny new packaging.  We’ve made our stellar lanterns easy to transport and share by making our tab connection system much easier to use and including concise instructions with a diagram illustrating how to assemble them.  We experience a great deal of pleasure in creating these models, and the most satisfying stage of creation, the final assembly, we save for your enjoyment.  The models in this format make for easy shipment anywhere you might need them.

Here’s an image of the packaging insert along with actual photos of the finished product.

This is the complete order that was sent to Alternative Thinking Bookstore in Toronto, 5 flavours for each of our 5 model types.  A mandala offering for the Buddha-mind present within all beings !

The Products section of our web page has been updated to reflect recent changes in our product line.  Namely, we’ve scaled down the Small Stellated Dodecahedron and Star Tetrahedron models to make it fit the packaging and to include some under $40 items in our catalog.  Though we’ve had to choose a smaller subset of the many models we’ve built over the years, expect a continually expanding variety of models and flavours to choose from in the coming year.  For orders, please contact Cosmo Guffa with your model and flavour names and shipping address and a PayPal invoice will be sent to you shortly.

Whether or not you have a materialized version of The Playful Geometer’s Cosmic SpaceCrafts, know there is an abundant wealth of them in the imaginative dimension of reality (which is not so separate from our physical reality as many would believe).  You are encouraged to offer them in the creative imagination to all in need as if they were wish-fulfilling jewels capable of satisfying the desires of all sentient beings.  We especially like to send them out to those who support the en-light-enment of humanity :)

We’re pleased to present our newest designs for the existing 3D models (which we like to refer to as “flavours”). You can click on the images to take a closer look at the designs from within the picassaweb interface.

This first design we’re pleased to be sharing is the “Flowering Life” model, which you may recognize as bearing the “Flower of Life” pattern.  It was inspired by a stained glass Star Tetrahedron with a similar pattern.  If you zoom in on it, you can see it contains 3 layers of the Flower of Life pattern at progressively finer detail. These layers were generated by a script written in Processing, available on OpenProcessing.

It is featured on the Star Tetrahedron and Spikey models here:

Next we have the same design in a couple different colours.  Seen here on the Small Stellated Dodecahedron are “Aquarian Dreamweaver” and “Isis Unveiling”, respectively.

and here on the Small Stellated Dodecahedron

The next two designs have been added three models. In addition to be featured on the Great and Small Dodecahedron, they also have been adapted to the Great Rhombihexacron.

The “Lavender Bloom” flavour was made for a dear friend and SpaceCraft-keeper who wanted something similar to the Bloomin’ Illuminator design but in purple. A simple shift of hue was not really enough to make the design exciting, so I generated 2 different hues of the image one more purpley and one with a tinge of magenta, and then I used a vertical gradient masks to gradually transition from one image to the other. The effect is subtle here because the hues were pretty similar, so I look forward to making this effect more dramatic in designs to come. Without further adieu:

The other flavour featured on these models is “Axitonal Distribution”. It was designed to be featured on the chin-high lantern which was hung in the pyramid at Harvest Festival this year as described in a recent blog post. While the model on which it was feature is not currently in our catalog, the design is featured on these other models:

Last but not least, there’s the “Matrix Clockwork” design featured on the Earth Grid model. This design was actually produced for OM Summer Solstice Festival in 2010 and was featured on an Octahedron-5-Compound model which bears similar symmetry, but with spikeyer tips.  Here’s the dome version:

Unfortunately, the original got rained on before “the big night” and turned into a blob, or for Cubeball the Magical Jester, a gown (and later, party hats):

In the very near future, stay tuned for news on our retail emergence, clean-cut packaging, simplified assembly, and lowered prices :) Some great gifts in store !