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Just heading off to do the printing for the next deco gig coming up next weekend, Harvest Festival.  Building the biggest lantern to date to hang inside the new pyramid at just under 4 feet tall, thinking this is going to be the coolest space to date to share the starlight !   It will also be the first time I’ve featured this form of Cumulated Cubeoctahedron, similar to the Cube-Octahedron Compound from last year

World walker @ Harvest 2010

but with the points extended.  Here’s the digital prototype I built in Blender:

I also decided that it would be nice to have some smaller matching Great Rhombihexacrons to distribute the energy of the central piece to all four sides of the pyramid as such:

I was feeling a bit nervous about how I planned to hold the larger piece together … wasn’t feeling so trusting of the tab systems I’ve developed for something of that scale, so I invented another method of holding the pyramids together:

One of the faces of the shape cut with the new “WeaveTab” system.

 Two faces back to back held together by weaving a bamboo skewer through the tabs in a warp-woof fashion.

Excitement abound !  More photos to come ;)

As well as receiving a free upgrade to x10hosting‘s Premium Service as a result of them losing our website in their upgrades, we’ve been working on content improvements recently.

Most notably, we’ve added an online shopping cart interactivity to the Models section of the site so you can more easily order them with your Paypal account or major credit card.

We’ve also taken care of some minor bugs in the sidebar menu and added a list of gigs performed in the Sightings section.

Sidenote: Does anyone else find the custom in business of referring to a 1-person operation in the plural ?  I suppose I am on a team if you consider all of my wonderful muses at play :)  

“We” are becoming open to the possibility of collaboration with other visual artists.  If you’re a graphic designer who would like to decorate a SpaceCraft Lantern, send an email to with your choice of model to decorate and he’ll send you a template image.