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My endeavours in SpaceCrafting have encouraged me to (re)learn about a variety of inter-related fields, from crafting, to graphic design, computer programing, sacred geometry, good old-fashion trigonometry, and most recently 3D animation.  All of these play an important role in constructing my models.  As I move from the Reasearch and Development phase of SpaceCrafting and into the field SpaceCraft deployment, I must learn a skill I am challenged to adopt …. marketing.

Recently I have been getting some offers to be co-missioned from friends and acquaintances who have seen my works at the various events I have decorated over the past couple years.  Usually upon request, I will have the interested party check out photos of my past works to get a sense of what they would like.  A couple years ago I was given an old 3MP camera and I used it for a while but it broke, so over the last year or so I’ve been without a camera and have had to rely on others shots of my works.  Thus my photo stream has been rather sparse, and the photos of often poor quality.  However, recently I acquired a Kodak EasyShare M550 for Christmas from my parents, a totally necessary tool in the transmission of SpaceCraft magic ! 

Trying to take pictures of lanterns without a tripod is reeeeeallly hard.  They usually turn out extremely fuzzy.  I tried jabbing my elbows into my chest to try and stabilize the camera but with little improvements, until I joyfully discovered a nice tall tripod in our house !  Even the slightest movement of the lantern with the camera on the tripod can turn out messy, especially when using the exposure feature.  I’ve had to experiment quite a bit to get the images looking good.  I hung the lanterns on a hook in my room where only a neutral white wall background presented itself, trying to exclude as many distracting features as possible.  I took all the photos at night, so I had to use a flash to get the “daytime” appearance of the lamp.  Perhaps I will eventually learn to create a seamless background and/or a lightbox and figure out how to reduce reflection, but for now these shots are a great improvement from the rest of my collection.  These lamps were built for the Cold Compress: Burning Man Decompression in Toronto.  Much gratitude to BurnT and all the volunteers at the event who helped to put my lanterns together.