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Recently I created a Facebook group to drawn attention to my SpaceCrafting endeavours (for more info on “SpaceCrafting, visit it and the Star Ring Attractions website).  It got me thinking that I should create a blog and link it up to the group via Notes importing.  In general, I really enjoy writing and haven’t been doing much lately, so it seems like a good way to “word up yo”.  Here we go with a log of SpaceCrafting endeavours !

When SpaceCraft Lanterns are hung and lit, I like to say this prayer I learned while attending Tarot Circles in Peterborough:

The Pansophic Invocation
From the point of Light within the mind of the One
Let Light stream forth into the minds of all
Let Light increase on Earth
From the point of Love within the heart of the One
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of all
Let Love increase on Earth
From the center where the One Will is known
Let purpose guide the true wills of all
The purpose which the Awakened know and serve
From the center which we call humanity
Let the plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells
Let Light and Love and Power fulfil the Plan on Earth

Up until now it had never been my intention to make a show of this prayer, I’ve come to be a bit cautious about conspicuous displays of spirituality, as I often find it lacks a certain depth that more “Hermetically sealed” practices offer.

However, while attending Lumiere Ottawa, I had already invoked Cubeball the Magical Jester when I realized it was getting dark fast and I needed to go put the lightbulbs in my lantern display (I had delayed it due to limited battery power). When I got to the lanterns, there was a crowd of people around my them and so it was fitting to make a spectacle of bringing light to the crowd. What a surprise the crowd got when I lit them up. Now the spotlight was on me, and so it seemed totally fitting that I should rehearse/perform this prayer out loud, and it was well-received.

A great thanks to The Pansophic Mysteries of Canada for the illuminating inspiration both from the Hermetic tradition and the Vajriana path.

More to come on my Lumiere Ottawa exhibit “The Alchemical Principles” as the photos roll in….