A personal address from our proprietor Cosmo Guffa:

I’m pleased to announce the launch of The Playful Geometer’s new website which is a now a feature rich online store (in the making).   With the shopping cart software its easy to check out and order your choice of shapes and flavours, buy gift certificates, and make wishlists.  It was a tough decision turn my website towards the commercially-orientation as I had originally wanted to keep the store separate from the galleries and other content I hope to develop.  However, the old page was degrading quickly and for the sake of making this operation more sustainable, I felt the need to establish the store as the focus so that the artistic and scientific developments have something stable to build upon.

One of the major changes to the line of 3D models we carry is that they are now “SpaceCrafts Without Borders” meaning that the black borders have all been removed.  I really like the aesthetic of the fractals wrapping around the shapes, as there is more of a kaleidoscopic effect at play, a more organic weaving of form and colour.  Originally the borders had existed to hide the unsightly shadow formed by the tabs which hold the panels into pyramids.  However, our new versions of the SpaceCrafts do not incur this eyesore any more due do design changes I’ll address later on.

Admittedly, the actual form of the shapes are a bit harder to make out from the virtual preview images as I have not figured out how to do shading well in the 3D software I use but hopefully that will come in due time.  In the meanwhile, you can check out all of the models on Flickr if you like by clicking on the photos below.

Here is a sample of each form along with the new description I’ve written for each:

Star Tetrahedron

This form represents balance between opposites, namely the upward-rising fire essence and the downward-flowing water essence.  These opposites meet in the heart, and thus this form may be seen to represent compassion or loving kindness.

Small Stellated Dodecahedron
Effulgent Effluvium

Twelve 5-pointed stars constellate to make this beautiful form, one of the 3 stellations of a dodecahedron.  Its shape is calmly radiant, as its pyramids find a balance between sharpness and softness.  Fits nicely into knooks and corners, and also great hung over bars, counters or islands.

Great Rhombihexacron
Genetic Hologram

This particular form suggests the compass rose, the north star and thus guidance, direction, and centeredness.  Due to its particular symmetry, it is best displayed from the front as shown.  A great shape to keep your vessel on course !


Great Stellated Dodecahedron 

One of our “sharper” models, thus suggesting keenness of intellect.  Its many long points make it a center of high energy.  The points are 20 in number, which is a fundamental base number in the calendrics of the Maya peoples.  Reaching with every finger and toe to one’s brightest potential is what this fine model is all about !


 Earth Grid Dome
Crystal Palace Journey

This form derives its name from the fact that when superimposed on the earth’s surface, it composes what many theorists consider to be the “earth grid” also dubbed the Unified Vector Geometry 120 Polyhedron.  We first discovered this form by hearing about Lynclaire Dennis’ near death experience and the geometric reconstructions of her vision.  It bears the interesting property that all 5 platonic solids and the Rhombic Tricontahedron can be composed using its vertices, thus suggesting its power of integration.  An excellent model for fostering global consciousness.  

I have totally reworked the method by which the Spacecrafts are made to accommodate several factors since moving to Toronto.  First of all, the amazing deal I was getting on 12″x18″ prints for $0.60 each in Peterborough can not be matched here in the big city, the best quotes I got here were around $2 per print.

On the brighter side, the store that my new production facility is located inside of,  Alternative Thinking, recently decided to invest in a high quality wide-format printer to enable us to print and sell visionary artwork as well as make higher-quality SpaceCrafts.  I definitely owe huge waves of gratitude to the owner of this shop Rezo, for he’s the one who really inspired me to make my product accessible to the retail market when he asked me to decorate his store last November.  Things have evolved quite a bit since then, and now the shop is quite saturated with our geometries !

On top of the incredible generosity I’ve experienced from Rezo and others at the shop, I’ve also been ushered into the store’s “Gift Economy” whereby the store shares its space for workshops, film screenings, healing ceremonies, discussions and other special events that harmonize with the store’s intentions.  The space is available for event hosts as long as the events themselves are non-commercial in nature.  It’s all about Free information, a kind of open source learning concept.  I have been hosting Sacred Geometry Explorations there bi-weekly on Thursdays (restarting again in 2013).

My first use of the new printer was to produce some smaller ornamental SpaceCrafts for the  holiday retail season, something people could take away and gift without having to engage in construction (as it seems not everyone enjoys the handicraft action).  Here is a sample photo, click to see the whole gallery on Facebook.


More recently I’ve redesigned the lantern product sto use the backlight material with stunning results, a display of them now hangs in the front window of Alternative Thinking .  Here are some sample photos of the new printer/media in 3D

Star Tetrahedron: Golden Kingdom (quality:pro)
Great Stellated Dodecahedron: Cosmic Birthday Cake (quality:pro)

I got the honour of developing some content to get things rolling with our new printer, and I started with the kaleidoscopic Fractal Mandalas.  We’ve covered up most of the (full-spectrum) overhead fluorescent lighting so you can see them in their fullest glory.  Here’s one sample (as with the other photos, click to see more of the same kind on Flickr).

Cosmic Birthday Cake

We’re selling 2×2′ prints of these guys on backlight material at the store for $30 or 2 for $50 or 4 for $80 !

Local VJ artist Scott Guy has been prototyping an affordable light box solution as the costs of any lightbox on the market seems to prohibitive to getting backlit poster prints available in store.

Wow, everything is so new with The Playful Geometer, and everything seems to be accelerating !  The efforts to make shifts in the operations of The Playful geometer have been intense and have brought out the sense of strength (and exhaustion) in dedication to this craft of perfection. Despite having worked so hard to transition my product and web page in time for the holiday season, admittedly the mark was missed.  A sincere apology goes out to all who were not able to acquire a uniquely radiant gift from us this season.

However, gift certificates are still available for the extra-last-minute shoppers on our website.  You can also acquire The Playful Geometer’s Cosmic SpaceCrafts at Alternative Thinking during the last-minute shopping holiday hours.  We’re clearing out the laminated paper lanterns at 25% off !

Retirement is imminent after over-extension.  Immediate and extended family  not gathering for Christmas thus giving opportunity for silent retreat  (web store ordered are delayed to the new year starting December 25th).  I am reminded that if I am to be a beacon of light to the world, I need more than just shiny things, I need to make my being internally radiant.

A piece of visualization I have incorporated into meditation is to see healing light streaming through 3D forms and showering all with the wisdom and compassion that are the pillars of a happy life. This meditation is inspired by the meditation on Dzambala in Vajrayana Buddhism where you are being showered or are showering others with an array of jewels from the mouth of a mongoose, the tamer of the snakes of mara representing desire.  Dzambala is said to bestow wealth upon the practitioner of Dharma (wisdom teachings) to support their benefit to others, thus he is considered a worldly protector of Dharma. It seems that he limits his bestowing in this way because offering worldly possessions to those who are caught in the cycles of greed, hatred and delusion might only create more suffering.

I don’t limit the reach of the geometries in such a way as they are much more universal symbols, I prefer to see the forms as more of a wildcard (interestingly a * is a wildcard in computers, a star-like symbol).   It seems that the polyhedra featured in the Cosmic SpaceCrafts are a kind of receiver/transmitter of energy as their component parts are pyramids  (I base this claim on the extensive research done with pyramid forms and their effect upon consciousness and life force energy).   I will let the intelligence of the Grand Geometrician of the Universe decide what is of greatest benefit to all sentient beings as they are prayed for (in part through these forms).

It seems that the rumbling chaos that has been experienced with operating The Playful Geometer in a microcosm for the planetary shake-up we are moving through.  I am reminded that the alchemical process, like the formation of diamonds, requires heat and pressure.  In these trying times, I pray for the grace to make a healthy transition into a new cycle which is suggested by the Mayan Calendar cycle end/beginning that many suggest was yesterday, December 21st, 2012.  Wishing (upon a star) a transformative turning point to the personal and collective consciousness of the planet  !

Yes, you heard it right, we’re making it especially easy for you to colorfully burst forth into spring with your very own Cosmic SpaceCraft Lantern just like the flowers that now dot the soil, emerging from the icey shell of winter.

Our Spring Sale: 10% off all orders of $50 or more and Free Shipping in North America until April 30th for all of The Playful Geometer’s Cosmic SpaceCrafts !

Earth Grid Dome: Lucious Dragonfruit

The incredibly enthusiastic response to these fractal-decorated 3D forms has inspired us to evolve them from a delicate, makeshift handicraft to a durable and easy-to-assemble product.  We’ve just put together some new instructions that make us confident that you can enjoy the process of their creation as much as the product itself.

We’re currently in the process of building an online store to help spread the love of geometric lighting and we need the support of our fan base to bring the thousands of hours invested in the research and development of our product to the masses.

Great Rhombihexacron: Elf Moss Splendaria

Though supporting sole proprietor Cosmo Guffa’s livelihood and the basic costs of the operation is currently the most immediate goal for us, there is a greater motivation for the creation of a thriving business.  We hope to dedicate some of the proceeds of the operation to organizations which harmonize with our mission.  These include the more practically oriented support for the Open Source software projects like Inkscape, Blender, and The Gimp which make our methods possible.  It also includes financially supporting the ideals of The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors “A sanctuary for seeing ourselves and the world as reflections of the divine” (and we’ve already donated 4 lanterns featured in the Grey House where CoSM events are regularly held).

We also want to donate the value of our designs to the artistic community by openly publishing our templates under a Creative Commons Attributions-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license and creating a do-it-yourself SpaceCraft Kit that would allow users to produce their own versions of the Cosmic SpaceCrafts featuring their own custom designs with easy-to-follow instructions on instructables.com

If you would like to support these intentions, and/or you would simply like some beautiful mood lighting for your home or as a gift, please visit the Models section of our website, take note of the Model and “flavor” name(s) you would like, and send it with your mailing address to sales@cosmic-spacecrafts.net 

We accept payment through eCheque or Credit Card via Paypal invoice.  We’ve taken some new, higher-quality photos of our updated product which you can see in the Products section. Springs move fast, so best leap like a rabbit on this deal while you’ve got the time !  

Wishing fruitful re-emergence into the light for all sentient beings,

A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to participate in a local entrepreneurial competition called the Bear’s Lair Challenge.  I found out about the competition from a talented sculptor and business person Paul Portelli at the Artrepreneur event after asking him some questions over email.  I had only 2 days to prepare the required business plan before the application was due so it was thrown together a bit hastily (luckily I had another differently formatted business plan to cut and paste from a bit).

I worked pretty hard last week to prepare a presentation for the “Bears” after attending the “boot camp” for business pitches which the contest kindly enrolled us in,  writing a speech and preparing a long image slideshow to illustrate my points.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to memorize my speech, so I had to read from the pages.  Nonetheless, everyone seemed to really enjoy my presentation and my artistic exhibition of my product.  I like public speaking, and it was interesting sharing my message about Sacred Geometry to a more mainstream audience.  It also seemed to add an element of humour to the whole affair, sometimes more intentional than others… I can be such a clown sometimes :-P   I only wished there were more people for the show, supposedly last year there was about 75 people attending last year, and I think it was less than half of that this time. 

Admittedly I had high hopes of being able to proceed to the finals for the grad prize, which could have benefited my operation immensely as I’ve been operating on a shoestring budget since the beginning.   My computer can barely handle what I put it through with my graphics and one of the grand prizes was a bunch of computer equipment.  When I thought about what I could possibly need with the $5000 cash prize, I realized that I could buy an eco-solvent printer/cutter that would allow me to print and cut the lanterns onto backlight media, making them more vibrant and waterproof.  Nonetheless, when the winners were announced I felt a warmth in my heart for their success.

However, I can’t help but feel a bit off-put by the whole atmosphere of the business world at times.  One of the judges asked if he could offer some feedback of my web page which I welcomed gladly, telling him I don’t get enough of it considering  recently found a glaring error to my homepage (where a missing picture was replaced with a big “?”).  He then proceeded to tell me that some of the pictures “really sucked” and that he thought his glasses were greased up.  His comments were valid, but the tone was rather snide.  The Peterborough Examiner went on to quote him on this in their brief mention of my presence at the contest in this article.  Another one of the judges told me that I should can the “hippie stuff” and implied that they might have bought one of my products but was off-turned by the more esoteric aspects of my presentation.  I handed this judge one of my lanterns and asked them to take a look at the packing and tell me if it turned them off, but unfortunately they left without approaching me or returning the lantern…perhaps a miscommunication.

The hippie stuff (presumably): in my presentation I briefly mentioned the universality of geometric imagery in spiritual traditions;  also that geometric imagery had scientifically been proven to help reduce heating of the brain from cell phone use and been used to eliminate sickness caused by a cell phone tower installation as elaborated in a past blog entry.  Oh, I also mentioned Crop Circles too.  I can only imagine that the mainstream news wouldn’t want the spotlight on such a message.  I can’t help but wonder if I would have done better in the contest if I didn’t have a far-out social message to my business.  The same inquiry applies to the success of my business in general.

However, I’m not so sure if I should take advice from the “Bears”, from wild animals, from those whose sole concern is their own survival and wealth.  Certainly that has its place in this operation, but I seek a more holistic idea of a company, one with its feet in the ground and its head in the clouds — or the stars as it were.  Thus I seek to have as a strong component of selfless service to my operation ( i.e. the giving of free copies of the FreeShield on competition break). This video does a great job of summing up why that’s important for us:

One of the major concerns the Bears had for me was the issue of “duplication”, namely anyone with some investment capital and some cleverness could take my idea, exploit it, and out-compete me.  I asked to address their criticism and commented that I intend to publish my templates under a Creative Commons Atribution-NonCommercial license so others could use it for personal use but not financial gain.  The judge retorted that a slight modification to the design would enable a reverse engineer to exploit the idea, and I responded that it might also be the case for any patent as I have heard before (but perhaps I should add a “ShareAlike” clause for that reason).

I’m convinced that if I emanate the intention of generosity and service to others, then I will attract that kind of presence as well, but the animal instinct differs in mentality, seeking to dominate and defend territory as is the case with the status quo mentality around Intellectual Property.  I’m not really worried about their concern with duplication.  I really don’t think any investor would want to get involved in reverse engineering something that was already “Open Source”.  And knowing how long its taken me to get all of this stuff just right, they’d probably be best to not even bother if making money is their only goal.  I’ve already put an easier to produce lantern design up on instructables.com and I haven’t heard from a single person who made one, despite encouragement for feedback.

Besides, this creativity I express is not really mine, its a gift– perhaps even a loan — from my muse/guide/”genius” … or at least that’s a healthier perspective on creativity as Elizabeth Gilbert (author of “Eat, Pray, Love”) suggests in this presentation:

Despite my retorts, I’d like to close with the observation that the business community I encountered at the competition was also very supportive and encouraging of my new venture and for that I’m very grateful.  I look forward to attending the competition finals in May, for which I’ve been offered free tickets.

We’ve got some more new Cosmic SpaceCraft Lanterns added to our collection.

In the Great Rhombihexacron model, we now have the following new flavours :

and these same flavors in our newest model the Stellated Tricontahedron are seen here:

We also have one new flavor in our Star Tetrahedron and Spikey models (respectively):

You could be the first to own one !  Send your requests to sales@cosmic-spacecrafts.net !

Greetings, a personal address from Cosmo Guffa tuning in on behalf of The Playful Geometer.

I must say, I never quite understood my intense fascination and passion for geometry in the early stages of becoming a SpaceCraft Engineer, my pursuits seemed in a way free of purpose.  However, as I began to really become dedicated to my pursuits, I had this sneaking suspicion that I was doing more than just making pretty things, or at least that my work might be a preparation for the fulfillment of some loftier purpose.  Well, I’m starting to discover that my intuitions may be correct.

I say this because in my research I have come to see that geometric patterns are in a way, truly, verifiability magical.  Their use is becoming a kind of technology that has profound potential to help bring humanity back into harmony with the laws from which all things are spun.

On simple example of this is Craig Brockie’s development of what he calls the FreeShield, an image based on the flower of life and filled with a mysterious arrangement of rainbow colours which when placed behind the battery of a cell phone, reduces the negative impacts of its use.  What impresses me even more than the thorough research that went into this product is that it was developed purely to serve the interests of humanity and not for financial gain, a rare gem in this sense.  As we are encouraged to “pay it forward”, here’s his little un-commercial:

Another field of inquiry into the effects of geometric shapes on life force energy is a more holistic view and practice called Biogeometry.  It could be described as an Egyptian form of Feng Shui, but its applications reach into other fields including architecture and design, medicine, agriculture.  Some of the impressive results that founder Ibrahim Karim has been able to achieve through the use of 2D and 3D geometric symbols, include first the keynote story best described in this video:

Some other achievements of the application of Biogeometry methods include:

  • growing sweet potatoes in salt water better than in tap water by passing the salinated water through specific geometric vessels
  • increasing the growth and quality of chickens
  • obtained better results treating Hepatitis C patients than pharmaceutical drugs
  • reduced environmental stress of aircraft pilots 

Unfortunately I’m not convinced that Biogeometry’s modes of dissemination of this knowledge is as service-oriented as my previous example of geometric technology.  In particular, they charge an exorbitant amount of money for their courses and tools and prevent anyone without them from employing Biogeometry principles… well, they prevent MOST people from using them, I should say.

However, I’ve recently become what you might call a Biogeometric Hacker, and have managed to reverse engineer some of Karim’s designs.  On of the tools of the trade used in Biogeometry are called L-Bracket stickers, which when placed on AC outlets help to harmonize and reduce the negative effects of the EMF fields radianting out of them.  The Vessica Institute sells 2 types of them, 5 pairs each for $16, which I suppose is not that expensive, but to be honest, I’m not all that abundant in money.  Ingenuity and time to tinker are more my wealth, so I decided to see if I could produce a perfect vector image of the shapes, and did so using the geometric proportions as seen here (click to see vector source file) :

I wasn’t sure if this was how they derived the shape, but it was as close as I could gather using their very low-resolution images of the stickers so I cut a bunch out onto adhesive vinyl using my CraftRobo Pro and started offering a free service of placing the stickers on people’s cell phones.  However, I realized that I was potentially in breach of intellectual property and I wanted to be respectful to Karim’s work so I stopped doing that shortly after.

However, recently I came across a pile of the stickers I had created and thought, “I’m sitting on a Biogeometric goldmine here, I gotta do something about this” so I sent the Biogeometry a concerned email as follows:


You suggest this email is to only be used for purchase orders on your “Contact Us” page, however, you do not provide any other means by which to address BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd. by email so I don’t have much of a choice.  I contact you with the intention to participate in the dissemination of BioGeometry techniques for the betterment of humanity.

Using nothing more than the angle measurement and a low-resolution picture of the image, I was able to reproduce the 66 and 90 degree L-stickers shape using the golden mean ratio.  The attached image shows how the phi proportion was used to determine the various measurements of the 66 degree L-sticker. 

Does this diagram accurately represents the figure you have used for your research ?  If not, would you be willing to share how it differs in measurement.

Using a laminated paper sticker printed with the angle images, I was able to cut the stickers out by hand and I put some of them on my computer monitor.  Later on I acquired an adhesive vinyl cutting machine, the CraftRobo Pro which I used to produce an abundance of these stickers very cheaply.  I then began to freely disseminate these stickers to my room mates for use on our cell phones and AC plugs. 

However, I realized that BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd. seemed to be keeping a pretty tight lid on their intellectual property, and perhaps for good reasons I thought.  I started to wonder if I was promoting improper use of this technology, and developed a certain degree of skepticism about what I was promoting, not having any way of measuring the qualitative effects of their use.  However, if anyone can just purchase these stickers like from vessica.org, then its clear that advanced knowledge of BioGeometry is not required to properly used these shapes and my skepticism is to a certain degree is quelled by your success stories. 

That leave me in a position of wanting your blessings to use the L-sticker designs as I have reverse engineered.  I want to provide this product at cost of materials and labour (probably about $2 US for 5 pairs) to all of the customers for my new online store for The Playful Geometer’s Cosmic SpaceCrafts (http://cosmic-spacecrafts.net

) and to empower others to produce them using home cutting devices (i.e. the Cricut, wishblade) as I have done with one of my polyhedral models on instructable.com.  

I believe that in order to avert planetary catastrophe, we can not afford to hoard this technology, but that it must be distributed far and wide using the power of our communications technology to reflect nature’s abundance of transformational forms.  Although it may seem to compromise the profit of your organization, it actually might be a form of free marketing for you and your practice.  This is a key to embracing the new digital economy and the Open Source revolution.  I would hate to see your practice recede into obscurity amongst all of the other competing energy technologies because of your refusal to “get with the times”.

The concern is personal, as I am sincerely considering taking your foundations course, which I recently noticed was coming to Toronto (close to my home in Peterborough, ON).  One motivation for this would be to use the techniques of BioGeoemtry to study the effects of polyhedral forms that I produce as lantern shades on my website.  I think that could open up a whole new field of exciting research that could contribute greatly to your field.

The knowledge you possess is seemingly quite amazing, but how you are managing it is is concerning.  For example, the way you represent your certified practitioners on your website is rather deplorable.  First of all, the link to this page is hidden off to the side of the home page, with no link in the main bar.  I was struggling to find it a second time to reference the URL (http://www.biogeometry.com/english/Order/).  The actual page is a garbled mess especially after clicking on the “read more” section.  This is not a great selling feature for your courses, especially considering their cost.  More generally, the only communication by email you are welcoming is for your own profit, not for the “Future of Mankind” which is my concern here.

If you do want to “sell me” on your course and technology, could you provide me with a simple instructions for me to verify the positive effects of using L-stickers on AC outlets, i.e. something that could be done with an ordinary pendant, or at least describe specifically how you came up with your positive results ?

In Rupert Sheldrake’s research which Karim references, he provided reproducible experiments to verify his research (i.e. http://www.sheldrake.org/Onlineexp/portal/staring.html).  Perhaps this is something you might consider doing with BioGeometry to give tangible validity to your “claims” for lack of a better word. 

I hope that I can become in some way part of a revival of ancient geometric alchemy in harmony with your organization.



Unfortunately, this message sent of February 12th has not yet received a response, even with an (implicit) threat of using and publishing their designs without consent, so I take it as encouragement to continue liberating these forms. 

I’ve been particularly interested in Biogeometry and its implications to the works of The Playful Geometer.  I can only wonder, could polyhedral forms have a profound (and measureable) effect on the vibratory fields in a home and/or a human body ?  As much as I can hack designs here and there, I really wanted access to their methods of research.  So, I’ve been considering it might be a good investment to take the Biogeometry Fundamentals course that’s coming to Toronto this May, but at $995 for a week’s training, its no petty cash .  I wanted to remain open to possibility of manifesting attendance so I contacted the Toronto Dowsers 5 days ago expressing interest in joining their membership and attending the workshop.  I thought, “hey, maybe I can volunteer for a discount and/or get a scholarship or something like that”, but unfortunately they have not responded to me either.  Perhaps more fodder for the cannon in fighting the proprietization of ancient occult knowledge….

I realized that while the stickers I had would help harmonize negative energy, its the scepters as shown here that bring in the positive energy and that also can be used to detect energy so if I wanted to trod blindly ahead in this Biogeometry affair, I’d have to get some of those.  Well, unfortunately you can only buy limited edition metal ones that cost $95 for a 5cm pendant.  Sounded like another opportunity for reverse engineering !

I realized that I could create a curve outline in Inkscape and then “lathe” it in Blender.  This time no fancy ratios, I just used the distance between the discs and the unit and each spacing vertically and horizontally seemed to measure out in that unit.  You can see the result here:

Ok, so woop-dee-doo, I have the pendulum model in my computer, seems relatively useless, eh ?  Enter PONOKO !  I had previously tried to use this service to create laser-etched cardboard Crop Circle coasters but the cost was going to be $250 for 4 sets of 6 so I had little hope it was going to be any more affordable to do 3D printing.  However, as it turns out, this service will print a 5cm pendant for… get this…. ONE DOLLAR !  But of course, with shipping, if I buy 5 of them it comes to more like $5, as yes its plastic and not metal but still a vast improvement on price.  Also, I recall that Ibrahim Karim uses plexiglass pendants which suggests that its the form and not the material that is the most important aspect of this craft.  The nice thing about this service is that I could now publish the design and allow others to order 3D prints of it without having to deal with producing or shipping them.    However, I won’t do that until I get my own copies for inspection.  And if I do, its only fair that I not charge royalties for my long evening of reverse engineering considering I didn’t actually design it so I will offer the design freely.  I can only wonder if I will get a reaction from the Biogeometry folks on this one. 

EDIT: It appears I uploaded a paper-thin enclosure of the shape rather than a solid form which explains the cheapness.  It’s unlikely such a model would hold up well but now I can scrap the idea presented below and produce casts that I could fill with orgonite.

One thought I had was that I might be able to create a mold for the pendant once I get it and then reproduce them using orgonite, which is a resin impregnated with metal bits — often with metal filings — but as the inventor suggest, these are relatively useless when compared with resin impregnated with metal powder.  He describes this in his video as follows.  Its interesting to note that he did not patent his invention because he was concerned that he might be forced to sell it to someone who would then shelve it for the purposes of suppressing this technology.  This may sound a bit paranoid, but there is precedent for his concern, as this has been happening with many of the “free energy” technologies that have been emerging since the time of Tesla.


My next endeavour in 3D modeling will be to construct the plastic pieces to produce an affordable Letcher antenna prototype, a more advanced version of a dowsing rod that can pick up different frequencies.  One can be seen here in this video on the stunning geometrical relationships between the earth’s energy grids and the Antwerp Cathedral:

If you appreciate my efforts to make these technologies more accessible and you want to support my ongoing research and development in this field, please have a look at The Playful Geometer’s Cosmic SpaceCrafts website and consider ordering one of our lanterns as instructed. I am currently working on a new webstore using the Avactis web cart software to make your shopping experience more pleasant, but in the mean time please bear with the homebrew flavour of our service.

In service to the creation of a cosmic internet,

The Playful Geometer’s Cosmic SpaceCrafts now make great gifts for the holiday season with our shiny new packaging.  We’ve made our stellar lanterns easy to transport and share by making our tab connection system much easier to use and including concise instructions with a diagram illustrating how to assemble them.  We experience a great deal of pleasure in creating these models, and the most satisfying stage of creation, the final assembly, we save for your enjoyment.  The models in this format make for easy shipment anywhere you might need them.

Here’s an image of the packaging insert along with actual photos of the finished product.

This is the complete order that was sent to Alternative Thinking Bookstore in Toronto, 5 flavours for each of our 5 model types.  A mandala offering for the Buddha-mind present within all beings !

The Products section of our web page has been updated to reflect recent changes in our product line.  Namely, we’ve scaled down the Small Stellated Dodecahedron and Star Tetrahedron models to make it fit the packaging and to include some under $40 items in our catalog.  Though we’ve had to choose a smaller subset of the many models we’ve built over the years, expect a continually expanding variety of models and flavours to choose from in the coming year.  For orders, please contact Cosmo Guffa with your model and flavour names and shipping address and a PayPal invoice will be sent to you shortly.

Whether or not you have a materialized version of The Playful Geometer’s Cosmic SpaceCrafts, know there is an abundant wealth of them in the imaginative dimension of reality (which is not so separate from our physical reality as many would believe).  You are encouraged to offer them in the creative imagination to all in need as if they were wish-fulfilling jewels capable of satisfying the desires of all sentient beings.  We especially like to send them out to those who support the en-light-enment of humanity :)

We’re pleased to present our newest designs for the existing 3D models (which we like to refer to as “flavours”). You can click on the images to take a closer look at the designs from within the picassaweb interface.

This first design we’re pleased to be sharing is the “Flowering Life” model, which you may recognize as bearing the “Flower of Life” pattern.  It was inspired by a stained glass Star Tetrahedron with a similar pattern.  If you zoom in on it, you can see it contains 3 layers of the Flower of Life pattern at progressively finer detail. These layers were generated by a script written in Processing, available on OpenProcessing.

It is featured on the Star Tetrahedron and Spikey models here:

Next we have the same design in a couple different colours.  Seen here on the Small Stellated Dodecahedron are “Aquarian Dreamweaver” and “Isis Unveiling”, respectively.

and here on the Small Stellated Dodecahedron

The next two designs have been added three models. In addition to be featured on the Great and Small Dodecahedron, they also have been adapted to the Great Rhombihexacron.

The “Lavender Bloom” flavour was made for a dear friend and SpaceCraft-keeper who wanted something similar to the Bloomin’ Illuminator design but in purple. A simple shift of hue was not really enough to make the design exciting, so I generated 2 different hues of the image one more purpley and one with a tinge of magenta, and then I used a vertical gradient masks to gradually transition from one image to the other. The effect is subtle here because the hues were pretty similar, so I look forward to making this effect more dramatic in designs to come. Without further adieu:

The other flavour featured on these models is “Axitonal Distribution”. It was designed to be featured on the chin-high lantern which was hung in the pyramid at Harvest Festival this year as described in a recent blog post. While the model on which it was feature is not currently in our catalog, the design is featured on these other models:

Last but not least, there’s the “Matrix Clockwork” design featured on the Earth Grid model. This design was actually produced for OM Summer Solstice Festival in 2010 and was featured on an Octahedron-5-Compound model which bears similar symmetry, but with spikeyer tips.  Here’s the dome version:

Unfortunately, the original got rained on before “the big night” and turned into a blob, or for Cubeball the Magical Jester, a gown (and later, party hats):

In the very near future, stay tuned for news on our retail emergence, clean-cut packaging, simplified assembly, and lowered prices :) Some great gifts in store !

Since my entry to the ##Instructables Epilog Challenge, I’ve been dreaming having a laser cutter as an efficient way of producing eco-friendly paper-only lanterns as seen in my entry ##Quasicrystal Star Lantern .  I recently called up a local business with a laser cutter to see if they could cut a stack of Quasicrystal Star Lanterns because I’m about to do my first expedition in retail sales with our Cosmic SpaceCrafts line and I wanted to see if I could get a handful of the first in our EarthBound SpaceCrafts on shelves.  Well, to my utter dismay, I found out that you can’t cut stacks of paper with a laser cutter because they catch on fire, eeek !  That’s what the local business told me, and I confirmed it with the customers support at Epilog.  Feeling a sense of disappointment, I embraced the opportunity to practice equanimity in the face of the challenge.

The Epilog Challenge pages asks participants to “be sure to tell us what you’ll do with the Zing if you win!” so now that my main purpose for wanting a laser cutter has … um, gone up on smoke … I’m having to rethink my agenda.  Now I am re-framing my agenda for wanting a laser cutter as I will outline it here.

First of all, I work in the spirit of a technical pioneer, or a “hacker” in the truest sense of the word (using things for a purpose other than that which they were intend for).  So, if given an Epilog Zing, I would make all efforts to discover ways of efficiently cutting stacks of paper.  I’ve already gotten to thinking about whether waterproofing paper using a solution of soap, beeswax, and alum (as I’ve seen on the net) would reduce the flammability.  I later found out that borax is a natural flame retardant so I’m curious to know whether adding that to the solution would make stackable laser-cuttable paper.  I’m also curious to know about using fans or even high-pressure jets of air to keep the paper cool.  I promise I’ll be safe ;)   And of course, in the spirit of Open Source crafting, I’ll be sure to share the results of my experiments on my blog.

Another realm of experimentation that is needed to expand the capabilities of the Epilog Zing for the purposes of The Playful Geometer is to explore the possibilities cutting stacked laser-cuttable screen or offset prints on waterproof substrates.  Information on this application has been hard-to-find.  The only product I have seen capable of doing this is the Graphix Laser Pro which is only screen-printable.  It seems laser cutting is not well-suited to doing contour cutting on laminated paper because the laminating pouch prevents the material from sitting perfectly square to the image, hence the interest in other methods of producing our Cosmic SpaceCrafts.  The use of cellulose acetate, which is fully biodegradable is another material to be investigated for stack-cutting.

Despite the stunning effect of full-color graphics embeded in polyhedral lanterns using laminated prints, the use of plastic does hurt my environmental sensibilities, and with a laser cutter I could be working with wood instead of plastic.   If I am rewarded the grand prize, I will attempt to create similar structures as seen on my contest entry with wood veneer, and if successful, publish the finished products as similar step-by-step instructables.  I’m seeing a satisfying vision of the instructables staff creating these and hanging them in their office/workshop.

If it is possible to create polyhedra with wood veneer and the SlideTab system, I could produce a line of hollow building blocks for toddlers etched with inspiring imagery.  The blocks could come in a stack of flat panels that could be easily assembled by parents.  This would be much less resource-intensive than the old-school solid blocks of wood, and much less dangerous, as they would be extremely light.  Another alternative would be to use interlocking teeth to connect edges of a cube.  Again, if given the grand prize, I would gladly post instructions on how to build such a product on instructables. 

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I would like to use a laser cutter to produce affordable phi calipers made out of wood as seen on this page.  The vision is to package it as a “The Magic of Geometry Exploration Pack” with an educational handbook on how to use it.

However, I just realized that I don’t even have to wait for the prospect of a laser cutter in order to put together an instructable on that, I start prototyping cutlines for a cardboard edition that could be made with my cutter/plotter or even a box cutter.

I have a lot of brilliant artist friends and I would love to help them market their designs by etching glass, mirror, wood, and other materials with their designs that they could then sell to the general public.

I’m also interested in sharing etched imagery of Crop Circles images as I have published in my ##Crop Circle Remix Pack.  I’ve done this with acid etch on mirrors but have never been satisfied with the imperfect results and thus have made little effort to market/share them.  Mandalas are meant to be made with natural materials to embrace impermanance of life, like the beautiful coloured sand of the Tibetan mandalas or the bent wheat of the crop circles themselves, so the fusion of technology as means and nature as medium really appeals to me.  I recently got a quote from Ponoko on making 4 sets of 6 cardstock coasters etched with crop circle imagery and it was going to cost $170+ so I would really need my own machine to produce them. 

In general, I understand that geometric symbolism has a transformative effect on the mind of the perceiver and the energy of the spaces they inhabit. This is the reason why places of worship from the temples of Egypt to the churches that some still pray in today are designed with very precise numbers and ratios, their construction guided by universal laws observed in nature.  To those who might be skeptical of the concrete changes that the use of Sacred Geometery can affect, I point to the field of Biogeometry as expounded by Ibrahim Karim.   Under a scientific model he has effectively quelled severe EMF radiation poisoning using only specific 2D and 3D symbols made with no special materials as explained in the following news report

My hopes for the longer term is that I can combine the fields of Biogeometry and what I call SpaceCraft Engineering to assist in purifying the impinging “electrosmog” accumulating in our environments.  A laser cutter could really assist in research and development in this field.  Hopefully with a laser cutter I could raise the funds to take the training required to be a professional in this field to enable this development. 




The Playful Geometer is applying for a position in the local Santa Claus parade and will be developing a set of red and green polyhedra to hang from fishing poles and dowels.  We are looking for humanoid forms to fill the position of Cosmic Space Elves in our fusion of 3D sculpture art and theatric performance.  Candidates must be proficient in embodying and sharing good vibes through uninhibited play, dance, and theatric musings.  We are open to creative input and will be hosting a brainstorming session about a couple weeks before the parade on December 3d.  Email: cosmo.guffa@gmail.com to get involved.  For those of you unable to attend, you can look forward to coming protypes of the new Christmas-flavoured space crafts in a couple weeks.